Lucille Ball Fans Want Ugly 'Monster' Statue of Her Torn Down (PHOTO)

Throughout the 1950s and '60s, Lucille Ball was a powerhouse comedic force to be reckoned with—and a major entertainment giant who co-owned a television production company at a time when women simply didn't do those things. It makes sense that folks in Jamestown, New York, would want to celebrate the most famous person ever born in their town with a statue. What doesn't make sense to many of them is why the statue that was erected looks like a hideous monster from one of their darkest nightmares.


Aside from being incredible talented, Ball was a very attractive woman who was known for her flame-red hair and dancer's legs. That's why residents in her hometown have created a petition—five years after it was erected—to get this frightening bronze statue of the actress torn down:


Oh goodness. I'm usually not quick to throw my two cents in when it comes to an artist's work because I'm incapable of drawing a straight line. And, I mean, it's an impressive work and took skill ... but I have to admit, I don't see the resemblance, if that was the intention (I'm trying here. Maybe it was meant to be a representation of some aspect of Ball's zany personality? Hmmm).

Anyway, I'll let folks on Twitter weigh in instead, because a lot of people had a whole lot to say about it:


Many people saw an uncanny resemblance to another actor:


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Come on, it isn't that bad ... is it?

What do you think about this statue of Lucille Ball? Should residents be able to have it removed?


Image via David McNew/Getty Images

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