Jealous Woman Plasters 'Cheating' Boyfriend's Car With Sanitary Pads (PHOTO)

Gentlemen, if you want to keep your car safe, keep your woman happy. Because when women are unhappy with you -- because say, oh, erm, maybe you cheated or something -- they always go for the car. Yep, they know where it hurts. But wheras most women scrawl something on it, key it, or just take a sledgehammer to it, one woman from China got a bit more creative -- she covered her cheating honey's car in sanitary napkins.


Li Tan, 23, who lives in China, was so angry when her boyfriend spent "hours" at a friend's house, presumably cheating, that she unloaded dozens of period pads on his manly car. What a way to man-i-tize a car, amiright?

She then took a photo of the car, and posted it online with the caption, "That's right, I did it!"

When her boyfriend, De Wu, returned from his outing and found his car covered in the one thing no guy ever wants to see, ever, ever, he asked what happened and she accused him of cheating.

But apparently Wu didn't deserve that ultimate humiliation after all -- he told her he'd actually been out planning a birthday party for her, and showed her the online reservation he had made for her.

Well, well, sounds like these two have some trust issues. And it doesn't take "hours" to make an online reservation, but what do I know?

As far as revenge goes, this one was kinda silly, and since she didn't destroy any property, at least it wasn't illegal. In fact, they'll probably have a good laugh about it later -- if they're not arguing about something else, which I suspect they will be.

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Now karmic justice on Tan would be that one day she finds herself without a pad, wearing white pants, and -- well, you know.

Was this funny or psycho?


Image via Daily Mail

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