Woman's Terrifying Exorcism May Change Your Mind About Possession (VIDEO)

You think you've had a bad day? A 22-year-old woman in Argentina supposedly found herself possessed by a demon and her day went from bad to worse when members of the Lutheran Charismatic Church in Buenos Aires gave her an exorcism. Let's just say it wasn't a walk in the park, ya know?


If you've seen The Exorcist, you know how difficult it can be to rid someone of a demon, those buggers are really tenacious. Check out the woman's exorcism but make sure you aren't alone and have all your lights on because it is sure to freak you right the heck out:

Well, I'm not certain I'm a believer in demons possessing people or anything like that, but this video sure does make you wonder. I mean, either this woman was really possessed, or she sure does a good job playing possessed. She is definitely a shoo-in for the Linda Blair Award. I don't even know how you would go about faking all that sweat pouring off her -- though maybe the church was really hot?

Now, there's a brutal and senseless history of people being killed, tortured, or exorcized because of their "demon possession," when it was really just epileptic seizures, Tourette's Syndrome, or mental illness. It's very important that if someone is showing signs of "possession" that he or she is given full medical attention first. To leap to the conclusion that a person who is acting very strangely is demon possessed is a very dangerous one indeed and we don't want to go back to those dark days (which still exist in some places, but that's another whole story).

But I do think there might be some benefit to people who believe they are possessed -- and there's no medical cause -- getting an exorcism, as long as it's a safe one. (We're heard horror stories about bad ones!)

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Some people might truly believe they are possessed, and therefore could really believe that an exorcism will cure them. The mind is a very powerful thing, and can cause psychosomatic symptoms. Heck, some people might just want to scream, spit and writhe around on the floor for awhile. There are days I feel like doing that, don't you?

At the end of the video, the young lady appears to be back to "normal" -- though there was really nowhere to go but up. Hopefully, she will now live a long, healthy, demon-free life.

Do you believe in demon possession?


Image via Melissa Wiese/Flickr

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