Man Claims Tattoo of Girlfriend's Name Got Him Fired

These days, it's not a good time to be named Isis. Thanks to the Syrian terrorist group, ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), the name has become less synonomous with the Egyptian goddess of nature and more synonmous with beheadings and live burnings. Poor people named Isis! But they are not the only ones suffering. There's also those people who love someone named Isis -- and made the mistake of getting that someone's name tattooed on them. So goes the story of Kirk Soccorso, who says he was fired from Home Depot because of his tatted love for his girlfriend ... Isis.


Soccorso, who lives in Mastic, New York, worked as a tool demonstrator at Home Depot. He says that one day he decided to show a coworker his tattoo -- which is inside his bottom lip. The tat clearly says "Isis."

The tat was not in honor of the terror group -- but his ex-girlfriend, who also got his name tatted. Now, besides the fact that name tats are really dumb (unless they're your kids or mom) and that mouth tats are icky and baffling, the fact is it is perfectly okay to have a tat -- especially the tat of the name of your honey.

But not, apparently, if that honey's name is Isis. C'mon, this is completely unfair! This isn't like those people who give their kids weird names like Hitler. Isis is a beautiful name that was around long before anyone became aware of ISIS the terrorist group.

I mean, kids named Isis are even getting bullied over their names! This has got to stop!

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Home Depot counters that the guy was fired for more than just his tat -- but that seems to confirm that the tat had a little something to do with it. It was in his mouth! Who was gonna see it?

Come on, everyone. I think it's time we reclaimed the name Isis. Let's start giving that name to our pets and babies. Solidarity!

Should he have been fired?

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