Neighborhood Has Its Very Own 'Ugly Naked Guy,' But This Is No Fun Episode of 'Friends'

A lot of us have known someone living in our neighborhood who has a reputation for "forgetting" to wear his or her shirt while "forgetting" that window shades exist for a reason. But folks in a suburb of Charlotte, North Carolina, aren't giggling about their local nudist: it seems a man loves his birthday suit so much he wears it a lot—even while chatting away on the phone at his front door in full view of children.


The man, who lives in Cardinal Glen, has been strutting around in the buff for nearly a decade, according to neighbors, and doesn't think twice about showing his stuff while hanging out in his doorway with the door wide open.

Residents are so disturbed by his behavior, and concerned for the safety of their children, that they've actually filmed him naked at his door and complained to police. But there's a problem: the man isn't actually breaking any laws. According to North Carolina state law, people violate the indecent exposure law only when they "willfully expose the private parts of his or her person in any public place and in the presence of any person or persons."

The fact that this is worded to read "and in the presence of any person..." and not "or in the presence" makes a world of difference. This man isn't walking to the bakery with his privates flapping in the breeze. He isn't even mooning the neighborhood kids as they get off the bus while doing a bit of gardening on the front lawn. He is inside of his home. Okay, with the door open—but his feet are planted within his four walls!

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The fact that he's a law-abiding citizen doesn't make his behavior any less reprehensible. If you make it your mission in life to never wear a stitch of clothing while making a sandwich or watching TV, more power to you. But most people understand that social mores dictate we cover our private parts when we know others can see us—this is a gazillion times for obvious when children are involved.

I can't help but question whether this man is purposely trying to turn himself into a social pariah. Mess with people's ideas about sexuality and nudity all you want by wearing leather chaps to your local bar, if that's your thing. But respect other people's concerns when it comes to the safety of their children. After one or two complaints from neighbors, I'm going to find it difficult to believe he keeps forgetting to throw on a robe before he hangs out at the front door naked.

Bad behavior = yes. But a crime? No, I'm afraid not.

Do you think this man's neighbors should try to change the law or should he be allowed to be naked on his property, even if others can see him?


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