Airline's Weird Sex Joke to Sell Tickets Is Cheap Anyway You Look at It

Spirit Airlines is offering $69 flights and the good news is that it's not only a great deal but you can guffaw about it like a 12-year-old might. I mean, 69, get it?!! Just in case you don't get it, Spirit Airlines explains in an ad that is so bizarre and tacky that have to wonder if the company hired a horny teenager to come up with it.


Check it out:

Erm, what? Ever since we were 12 and found that magazine under our brother's bed?

And then there's that part where it says that it has a "cockpit that's in your face" and you should "use your mouth to spread the word"?!

Okay, so here you have an airline making oral sex jokes about its price point. Hey, I'm no prude. The more oral sex jokes in the world, the better. But there are certain people and places I don't want to get my sexual banter from: Brain surgeons, presidents of countries, Chairman of the Federal Reserve -- and airlines!

When those pilots are thousands of miles in the air with all those lives in their hands, I want to know those hands are on NOTHING but the plane's controls. I want to know that when the pilot says the word "cockpit" he or she doesn't crack even the teeniest smile.

I want to know that when the pilot hears that everyone paid $69 for their flight, he or she will stare somberly at you and say, "No matter how cheap this flight, I plan to get you safely to your destination," not that he/she might drop his/her jaw and scream, "Did you just say 69??!!"

In short, I don't want my pilot to be a sexual being at all. Nothing should distract from the task at hand -- which is getting me safely from point A to point B.

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Spirit Airlines confirmed to KMPS that the ad was indeed real and not a hack. The airline defends itself, saying it was an "irreverent" ad which fits the culture of the company. Noooooo. Irreverant and airline are two words that do not mix. That's like saying you have an "irreverent thermonuclear weapon."

But I guess a $69 ticket goes a long way, and most people will probably overlook the cheap humor for a cheap flight.

Does this ad scare you?


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