Gloria Steinem's 'Girl Power' Ring Gives Us Pleasure

Gloria SteinemStuck for what gift to give that lady friend of yours who has everything? Be stuck no more. How about this gorgeous flower clitoris ring? Modeled by feminist icon Gloria Steinem, who was spontaneously gifted the ring when she ran into the ring's creator, Caledonia Curry, founder of artists' community, Heliotrope Foundation, the ring is an anatomically correct rendering of every lady's favorite body part.


The ring, sold by PenelopiJones, retails for prices ranging from $122 to $535. It's horseshoe-like shape represents the internal clitoris, which most of us don't know about, as we tend to focus on the tiny little portion we can see from the outside. But inside, we have a GIANT clit, everybody.

I could see many uses for this ring. For one, it might be a good thing to show to a sexual partner who can't seem to figure out what to do down there. Almost as good as a map.

And then it's just a nice, empowering reminder of female sexuality. Wear it with pride, amiright?

Okay, it would be a tad strange if a guy was wearing a penis ring. Or a scrotum ring. But for eons guys have had their penises celebrated. Go to any museum and check out the ancient art. You will see lots of penises, trust me.

Curry calls the ring a representation of the "newly rediscovered internal clitoris," since she says it was only found in the 1990s. Erm, seriously? How could the female anatomy remain a mystery for so long? Sounds like every woman needs to wear this ring -- let us never forget!

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As for me, I won't be wearing the ring though. Wearing my heart on my sleeve is one thing -- wearing my clit on my finger is another.

Would you wear this ring?


Image via swoonhq/Instagram

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