Banned Cellphone Ad is Too Stupid to be Sexy (VIDEO)

They say sex sells -- but it can also get you banned. One advertising company didn't quite take that into account when it conceived of a commercial starring a mostly naked woman who wanders around her apartment for the majority of the ad, which I guess would be okay if what it was selling was lingerie or birth control pills, but not if its selling, oh, a phone.


The new commercial for KAZAM Tornado 348 cellphone, which bills itself as the thinnest in the world, was recently banned in the UK for "objectifying women," which we all know is fine as long as its done for the right product, apparently.

But as the skimpily dressed lass shows off her sleek curves in the first 40 seconds of the 60 second commercial, it's hard to know what she's shilling. A dating website? Bras? Tampons? If you're me, you probably wondered if she was about to be murdered.

But nope. She's selling a cellphone. Ermkay.

I think we're all clear here that the ad has nothing to do with a phone. And that it probably won't make anyone, except perhaps the most deluded of men, want to go out and buy it.

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But should it have been banned for objectifying women? I don't really care that it was -- one less stupid commercial on the air won't upset my world -- but here in the U.S. we've seen scantily clad women selling all kinds of things: hamburgers; energy drinks; even beer. None of which, of course, have anything to do with naked women. Well, maybe the beer does.

Check out the ad. Do you think it should have been banned?


Image via Kazam EU/YouTube

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