Soldier Refuses to Tip Because He Fought for Server’s Freedom

Rude messages on receipts and refusing to tip are two of social medias biggest touchy spots, so this latest should infuriate all around. It supposedly comes from a servicemember who refused to tip a waitress on the grounds that he (or she) has already paid his tip in military service.


The bill shows a $40.10 tab, and then a zero tip written in, near which someone had scrawled:

Now, we've all been tricked by some receipt hoaxes in the past (remember the waitress who didn't get tipped for her gay "lifestyle" -- and how that turned out to be bogus?), so let's take this with a shaker of salt, the one the waitress won't give you, because you're a cheap ass bastard who doesn't tip.

But for the sake of argument, let's assume it's real. Should military members be exempt from tipping because they fight for our freedoms?

In short, hell no. I empathize with anyone who goes off to war, but this doesn't exempt you from paying for services rendered, especially services from an underpaid restaurant worker who will get taxed on that non-existent tip.

Perhaps it is true that military men and women don't get paid enough, but hey, that's the job they signed up for.

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Commenters on the Ranger Up website, where the photo originated, think the receipt is a fake, and a reference to a Futurerama character named Zap Brannigan. Let's hope so, because every servicemen and women should realize more than anyone that everyone deserves to get paid for their service!

Do you think servicemen and women should be exempt from tipping?


Image via Ranger Up/Facebook

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