'50 Shades' Screening Ends in Arrests of 3 Women

One Valentine's Day film screening of Fifty Shades of Grey in Scotland reportedly ended in three arrests, vomit in the aisle, and one bloody male victim. Even Christian Grey wouldn't approve.


Three women reportedly had a little too much to drink before taking in the film at Grosvenor Cinema in Glasgow. A man sitting near them asked them to be quiet because they were getting a little rowdy. And that's when some witnesses say one of the women hit the man with a wine bottle, causing him to bleed all over the seats.

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The three women were arrested and charged with disorder offenses, but a spokesperson for the theater says nobody was actually "glassed" and that the people involved didn't require hospital attention.

In addition to whatever violence actually took place at this Fifty Shades screening, some other women were reportedly so drunk at the movie that they vomited in the aisle and corridor. Of course, this is Scotland, where people are treated like adults and allowed to drink alcohol in movie theaters. A few bad apples are, on occasion, going to spoil the barrel. I don't know whether you're shocked by this or not, but Fifty Shades seems like the ideal movie to watch with the girls after knocking back a few.

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Add in the fact that these women were out on V-Day and—I'm speculating here—possibly celebrating their single status or lamenting it and you've got all of the ingredients needed for going overboard. But physical violence? Obviously, there's no excuse.

Did you notice moviegoers acting rowdy or unusual at Fifty Shades of Grey?


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