Man Leaves Laptop in Graveyard & Gets Spooky Surprise

We've heard of haunted houses, haunted rooms, even haunted baby monitors ... but a haunted computer? One man's 8-year-old "haunted" MacBook is up for sale on eBay and so far 130 bids have raised the price to over $3,600, far more than an old MacBook like that is worth. But, hey, wouldn't you pay more for a Mac that supposedly levitates and writes letters?


The seller says it all started when he brought his laptop to a graveyard to sketch some gravestones. When he picked it up the next morning after forgetting it overnight, that's when the trouble started.

He writes:

First, I noticed that ALL of my songs in iTunes had become scary or haunted. Second, the desktop background was changed to a scary photo.

Hm, sounds suspiciously like the ghost uploaded a bunch of Justin Bieber and Vanilla Ice to the hard drive. Scary indeed!

The seller continues:

I occasionally saw the computer levitating. In some cases the screen and keyboard would open and shut quickly, as though the computer were attempting to speak.

Probably trying to say, "Get this crappy music offa me!"

The seller also swears the computer will grab a pen and attempt to write on paper -- definitely a bit odd, since you'd think a computer would just, ya know, type some stuff out. But the seller says:

[The ghost] appears to be quite unaware of the purpose of the machine he inhabits.

The computer comes with a "certificate of haunting" -- which he himself signed because the psychic who was to certify the possessed computer "just vanished."

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Well, sounds like a joke to me, but this doesn't seem to be stopping people from bidding on the "haunted" machine. I suspect whoever the winning bidder is will be quite disappointed when the only paranormal activity the computer displays will be the frowny Apple face.

Do you think this is for real?

Image via eBay

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