Little Boy Claims He Was Once Woman Who Died in Massive Fire (VIDEO)

When Erika Ruehlman's little boy, Luke, became obsessed with the name Pam, giving his toys and other objects the name, Erika thought it was just a strange quirk. But one day, out of frustration, she finally said, "Who is Pam?" That's when she says Luke looked at her and said, "Well, I was."


Ruehlman, who appeared with her son on an episode of Ghost Inside My Child, says that Luke was always a peculiar little boy, and unlike most kids, he was obsessed not with taking risks, but with safety. He would be cautious about crossing the road and scared of anything hot or high.

Even more peculiar, he would say things to his mom like, "when I was a girl, I had black hair," or "I used to have earrings like that when I was a girl." Knowing that Luke was a little young for a history of cross dressing, the curious mom began to pry more. Luke told her that Pam had died, but went up to heaven and then came back down as a baby and was named Luke.

Ruehlman and her mother asked Luke how he died, and he told them a story about living in Chicago and being in a big fire. It sounded suspiciously like Luke/Pam had jumped from a burning building.

Ruehlman hopped on the Internet and found the story of the Paxton Hotel, a residential building that burned down in 1993. The building was in a predominantly African-American part of town. Asked what color his skin used to be, Luke looked at his mother like she was a simpleton and said, "Black."

Eventually, Ruehlman was able to find the obit of a woman named Pamela Robinson, who had died jumping out of the burning building when she was 30 years old.

To test her son, Ruehlman printed out a photo of Pam and put it side by side with fake "Pam"s. Luke picked out the right Pam with cameras rolling.

Ruehlman says it wasn't long after this that Luke seemed to begin to forget about Pam -- perhaps he had said everything he wanted to say about her. Ruehlman wants her story known because she feels it's a positive one -- and certainly gives hope to people whose loved ones have died. (The real Pam's loved ones reportedly aren't ready to talk to Luke yet.)

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Well, who knows. Plenty of parents are willing to plant and exploit false memories to make a buck (as we learned in the case of the boy who did not, apparently, go to heaven), but perhaps kids do have a window into the beyond. Or, in this case, the past.

Do you believe in reincarnation?

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