Ouija Board Predicts Deaths of Mom & Daughter Hours Before They Were Critically Injured

Two women are in critical condition following an Ouija board experience that predicted their deaths. Margaret Carroll, 60, and her daughter Katrina Livingstone, 37, of Durham County, England, are reportedly fighting for their lives after trying to contact the spirit of their dead dog Molly.


Molly was allegedly killed by Carroll's husband, Paul Carroll, 51, after he drowned her in the bathtub and dismembered her. The horrible crime was discovered after the poor pooch's body caused a blockage in the drain. He reportedly claimed the dog had run away.

Paul pleaded guilty to "causing unnecessary suffering to an animal." He will be sentenced later this month.

Livingstone, who is Paul Carroll's stepdaughter, told neighbor Donna Sowerby that she and her mom had used the Ouija board on Friday night and that it had predicted their deaths. The fire was discovered Saturday morning. Mrs. Sowerby said, "[The fire] was horrible ... There was a mini explosion and one of the firefighters was blown back."

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The women were found in the back garden with unrelated injuries but are said to be critically injured. Their afflictions are not known, but authorities suspect them of arson to cause the fire, and they have been arrested.

A spokeswoman for the Durham Police said, "Two women aged 60 and 37 were taken to the University Hospital North Durham where they remain in a critical condition and are under arrest on suspicion of arson with intent to endanger life ... We are not looking for anyone else in connection with the incident."

This whole incident is totally creepy, from the murdered pup to the Ouija board to the fire that was allegedly started by the victims. It's hard to say which scenario might be more disturbing -- that an Ouija board accurately predicted the women's deaths (or near deaths), or if they started the fire to create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Either scenario is all sorts of scary and twisted.

Do you believe Ouija boards can contact the dead?


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