Nationwide Super Bowl Ad Causes Thousands of Tragic, Preventable Tweets (PHOTOS)

nationwide kidOut of all the Super Bowl ads this Sunday, the one that left the most jaws hanging has to be the morbid "dead kid" ad by Nationwide insurance company. In case you missed it, an adorable little boy recited all the beautiful life moments he was going to miss -- all because he DIED from a preventable accident. Oh -- but Nationwide is by your side to help parents avoid those tragedies, so ...



Like parents aren't already paranoid enough about bathtub drownings and falling 60-inch screen TVs! Not to mention, what a scary commercial for all the young children watching the Super Bowl with their parents.

Well, you were definitely not alone in your slack-jawed incredulity. Twitter exploded with a full display of hilarious reactions almost immediately. Can I get an amen to these?

Many people expressed the sentiment that perhaps Nationwide is not, after all, on our side.

Hey, remember that cute Nationwide invisible Mindy Kaling ad?

We liked that invisible Mindy ad better. They should have gone with her instead. Unless Kaling really was in that ad, but this time she actually was invisible, and she was the one responsible for all those tragic avoidable deaths?!? #conspiracytheory

Meanwhile, many already overprotective parents have gone into Red Alert. We'll have a generation of unwashed children because of this.

File under: Upsetting childhood moments. See also: Bambi the movie.

Of course, some people took a more cynical view of the ad.

Even Oreo cookies were depressed.

And what a setup for the halftime show!

Right? How are we supposed to enjoy it now? What about those sharks -- was Katy insured against shark bite? Huh, Nationwide?

No, it's not at all okay.


Watch it again -- just for fun!!!

How much did you hate that Nationwide ad?


Image via Nationwide/YouTube

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