Woman's Encounter With 'Ghost' Turns Violent (VIDEO)

ghostA woman who thinks she was pushed to the floor by a ghost says she's now scared the ghost may be following her. While this sounds like a cockamamie story from a woman perhaps looking to get a payday for her injuries, which occurred in her lawyer's office, a surveillance camera shows that either the woman is a very good actress -- or she was indeed pushed over by some invisible force.


Cecilia Carrasco, 34, was walking through her lawyer's office and had just passed the reception desk when bam! out of the blue she was shoved to the floor. Check it out:


Before I watched the video, I thought, Sure, anyone can pretend something pushed them over. But it does appear to happen so suddenly and forcefully, you really get the feeling she's not faking.

Carrasco was taken to the hospital and stayed there for three days with head injuries that were documented by hospital staff. She says she is still off work.

If this is all a ploy to sue someone, it's a pretty fanciful one. She would have been better off pretending to slip on the floor, since it would be hard to sue a ghost. Plus, there is no mention of her suing anyone (she's not American, after all!).

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Now she's worried that the ghost may be after her. She told the media in Chile:

I remember seeing a film where a ghosts kept attacking a woman and now I'm worried the ghost might be after me. I have no idea why I was shoved over.

Pretty frightening. I certainly wouldn't go back to that office if I were her. But perhaps the ghost had nothing against her and just accidentally knocked into her. Can happen, right?

Do you think the shove was legit?


Image via istock

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