UVA Sorority Sisters Ordered to Stay Home So Boys Can Be Boys

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In a blatantly sexist and shocking move, sorority sisters at the University of Virginia are being told to stay home and avoid fraternity parties scheduled for Saturday night -- for their own safety. 


This mandate, issued by the heads of the sororities' national chapters, comes on the heels of a horrific fall semester at the university, which included the tragic death of 18-year-old Hannah Graham and an alleged gang rape at a Phi Kappa Psi house.

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In light of these allegations, the school claimed to be taking a hard look at Greek life, drinking, and safety. In fact, a ban on fraternity and sorority activities that went into effect in November was only just lifted. Well, for the male population, anyway.

Doesn't this misguided directive imply that these young women, who were smart enough to gain admission to the once-prestigious university, cannot think for themselves? Why yes, it does. It's also a huge step backward in terms of making any real efforts to change the culture on campus

We get it, there are dangers, but rather than ordering the women to stay home, how about ordering the men to obey the law rather than continuing to embrace an Animal House mentality and the idea that you are asking to be raped because you had the nerve to attend a social event? Talk about putting a Band-Aid on cancer! How is this a long-term solution? What's next? Will the university be doling out chastity belts to young women along with their student ID cards? 

Should these women not go to bars? Can they attend sporting events where men have been known to get a bit rowdy? Maybe these ladies should avoid walking past certain fraternity houses after dark? Suddenly, it feels like they're no longer in Virginia, but have been transported to Saudi Arabia. 

When you read this, did you feel like you'd somehow been transported back to the 1950s? (And not in a good Happy Days kind of way?) Did the phrase "Get thee to a nunnery!" pop into your head? 

If you were a parent, coughing up the more than $40,000 annual tuition (for a non-Virginia resident), would this make you feel like your daughter was safe on this campus or that the university was taking away her freedom "for her own good"?

If something like this came about 50 or 60 years ago, it would still be upsetting but probably deemed par for the course. To have it issued in 2015 is appalling and ridiculous and proves that this school is probably headed for a lot more controversy before any real change is made.

How do you feel about the order for the sorority sisters to stay home?  


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