Comcast Plays Nasty Joke on Couple Who Dared to Cancel Service

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There are certain service providers everyone loves to hate, and cable and phone companies always seem to top that list, don't they? Well, it's no wonder when they offer the kind of treatment Lisa and Ricardo Brown, of Spokane, Washington, received. After simply trying to reduce their cable service, a Comcast representative changed the first name on the couple's account to "asshole."


Say what? That's right, the couple, experiencing financial woes, decided to do the fiscally responsible thing and lessen this monthly charge. Sounds simple enough, right? Not when you're dealing with a cable company.

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Lisa explained to blogger Christopher Elliott that rather than just downgrading the service, as she requested, the company passed her off to a retention specialist, who attempted to convince her to not only keep the same service, but lock in for another two years.

Unfortunately, it was shortly after she refused that the Browns discovered their new, unpleasant nickname. 

The frustrated wife says she decided to go public with the story after her efforts to get the company to stop calling her an asshole every month failed. 

You can't blame her, can you? There are times when you're on the phone with a customer service rep, and you know they'd rather be doing just about anything other than solving your issue, but you never expect them to call you names. And to put it in writing? Imagine stepping out to get your mail and seeing that staring back at you? You'd think it's a practical joke!

The Comcast rep who made the brazen name change probably expected the Browns to tell a few friends and family members, but I wonder if the cable giant expected the news to go nationwide?

After Elliott contacted Comcast on the Browns' behalf, the couple received an apology and a two-year refund -- plus the satisfaction of knowing that the nasty rep has been fired. 

That's good news but, still, we have to wonder: Why did it have to come to this for Comcast to finally invoke the whole "customer is always right" adage? And let's hope the person who held that position isn't placed in any other "client-facing" roles in his or her next career.

Have you ever received totally unacceptable customer service? How have you handled it?

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