Mom Who Sees 'Satanic' Symbol in School Bus Lights Proves Real Evil Exists

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A Tennessee mom driving behind a school bus saw something that horrified her to the point that she felt she had no choice but to speak out. What the Christian mom from Cordova witnessed wasn't the driver chugging from a bottle of Jack Daniels or one student bullying another. No, what outraged her was her belief that the vehicle's brake lights contain a satanic symbol.


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Say what? Well, sit down, because it gets even stranger!

The mom, who took a photo of what she views as pentagrams in the brake lights and posted it on social media, has chosen not to be identified because she's now receiving death threats as a result of speaking her mind. 

"If you can't put a cross on there, you cannot put a pentagram on it," she told CNN.

Um, okay, she has a point. If you can't display one religious symbol, should you be allowed to promote another? There's a term "apophenia," which is used to explain the experience of seeing meaningful patterns or connections in random or meaningless data. Can it be applied to this just like when people see the face of Jesus in a cloud formation or Galileo in maple syrup on flapjacks? Maybe? All we're saying is sometimes a brake light is just a brake light. 

Perhaps she has too much time on her hands. Or maybe she's right and her school district, which has yet to comment on this potentially occult situation, is about to be taken over by Satan worshippers. Either way, she should be allowed to speak her mind and not incur death threats because she's chosen to take a stand on something she's concerned about. 

Just as our country strives (though often fails) to be tolerant when it comes to religious beliefs, shouldn't the same hold true for this woman's opinions? 

With plenty of other issues up for grabs, such as teen drug use, drinking and driving, bullying, and Common Core, we have a feeling that this brake light situation doesn't signal the end of this woman's battles. 

Do you see a satanic symbol in the brake lights?  

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