Family Discovers Deeply Disturbing Secret About Their New Tenant

wanted posterRenting out a spare room in your home seems like a relatively easy way to bring in some cash, and who couldn't use that, right?

While it sounds simple enough, Jess Quilling and her husband got the shock of a lifetime when they learned that the man they'd let into their Wisconsin home, Shawn Anderson, was a wanted sex offender. How the couple made the discovery is equally bizarre!


After about a month into the arrangement, Quilling's instincts that something just wasn't right about the couple's new tenant forced her to do a little digging. Because Anderson was receiving mail addressed to several different names, Quilling entered multiple combinations into Facebook's search bar. When she found her new roomie, she also uncovered his very disturbing past -- Anderson was wanted for child molestation and incest over 500 miles away in Indiana!

The landlords-turned-detectives immediately turned in their fugitive renter and just in the nick of time too. Jess Quilling explains: 

Even 20 years ago, there's no way we would've ever found him. ... He was planning on going down south, either to Florida or Kentucky ... and it was with a friend that had children.

Imagine if the Quillings had kids whom they'd unwittingly exposed to this predator? How would you live with yourself? Even without children, just knowing you'd slept under the same roof as this guy would be enough to give anyone nightmares!

Thankfully, because this criminal was dumb enough to post his own wanted poster on social media, he may finally be brought to justice! This story also serves as a great reminder to do a thorough background check before renting a room to anyone you don't know well. 

Have you ever rented a room to someone you didn't know? How did it go?


Image via Facebook

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