Judge Says 16-Year-Old Student ‘Groomed’ Her 44-Year-Old Teacher for Sex

classroomWell this is about as disturbing as it gets. Those wily 16-year-old girls, taking advantage of helpless 44-year-old men, thank goodness there's a judge looking out for those dudes, isn't there? Yes, that was sarcasm. Because apparently Judge Joanna Greenberg opted not to put a 44-year-old teacher in jail for getting it on with his underage student. She believes the student "groomed" her teacher to have sex with her.


This story is a bit of a mess, as you may imagine. The teacher, Stuart Kerner, ended up getting a suspended 18-month jail term after he was convicted. He was a religious studies teacher and she was a student at Bexleyheath Academy in southeast London. According to BBC News, in February 2012, he reportedly "took the girl's virginity on a yoga mat on the floor of a school storeroom" -- apparently during the same exact week when his wife had miscarried their second child. Afterward, he drove the student to his own home where they had sex again. She was either 15 or 16 years old at the time.

The affair lasted for 18 months. His wife, Katharine, has stood by him throughout all of this.

You won't believe what this judge then had to say about all this after Kerner was sentenced to go to jail. She said the student had become "obsessed" with her teacher. She told Kerner, "Her friends described her, accurately in my view, as stalking you ... If grooming is the right word to use, it was she who groomed you, [and] you gave in to temptation."

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She also went on to say how poor Kerner was so "emotionally fragile" due to the miscarriage, which would help justify why Kerner, a dude of such "exemplary" character, would deflower and carry on an 18-month affair with a 16-year-old student.

The Independent says, "He was cleared of four counts of the same offence and two other charges which alleged sexual activity when the victim was 15," and as reported, the judge suspended his jail time.

Sources also say that he called the victim a "devious and wicked liar" during his trial and that she made up the affair after reading Fifty Shades of Grey. Does it get any crazier than this? What is a young, impressionable 16-year-old girl supposed to think after losing her virginity to her 44-year-old teacher? Was this man so weak-willed and controlled by his man parts that he couldn't refuse his student's come-ons? Apparently the judge thinks so! But there probably were many, many times during this "seduction" when this man in authority with a wife and family could have said "no" and turned around and reported this girl to a therapist if necessary, but at least according to this judge, that was simply way too much to ask of an "emotionally fragile" man. Wow.

Such a twisted, sad finger-pointing game, but let's hope some sense of justice is carried out and that Kerner at least is never allowed near a classroom ever again.

What do you think about this judge's comments when suspending this sentence?


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