Children's Little Miss Thong Contest Is Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

bikini bottomIn a time when Miss World has banned the swimsuit portion of its competition, there is a bikini contest for young girls between 6- and 10-years-old. It's called "Little Miss Thong." The outdoor event featured the young contestants strutting a runway and some even danced in a suggestive manner. The even't director says that all kids had parental consent so it shouldn't be a big deal.


No. This is a big deal. This is wrong. Why would any parent want their kid to prance around in a bikini contest called "Little Miss Thong" which must attract a sampling of the worst of society? A young girl shouldn't be subjected to a crowd cheering when she twerks while wearing a bikini. Girls as young as 6. We cannot teach our kids that parading around in a tiny bikini will get you noticed and rewarded.

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The contest took place in Barbosa, Colombia. The Little Miss Thong pageant (aka Miss Tanguita) was part of a three-day river festival that takes place every year. Barbosa's mayor, Maryury Galeano sees nothing wrong with the exploitive event and said, "I'm not inducing any children here into prostitution … all those who entered the contest had consent from their parents."

So if the parents say it's fine .... Where is the voice of reason? Who is looking at the best interests of the children? Something is really wrong here. The sexualization of children is never okay. Child protective services denounced the event, and because video of the pageant is being circulated on the web, more and more people are learning of it and speaking out against it. Let's hope those who think this type of pageant is okay, come to their senses. It's not okay.

What do you think of a bikini contest for young children?


Image via Maegan Tintari/Flickr

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