10 of the Most Disturbing Images the Internet Has to Offer (PHOTOS)

Linda Sharps | Jan 14, 2015 Bizarre News

scariest photos on the Internet

Someone on Reddit recently posted the following question: What is the most mindf***ingly scary picture on the internet? I should have clicked away the INSTANT I saw that thread, but I did not. Friends, I combed through each and every photo shared by the commenters, and I’m here to warn you: DO NOT DO THIS. Seriously. There are things in there you really, really don’t want to see. I know your curiosity is getting the best of you, though, which is why I’ve done you the great favor of picking 10 of the creepiest things that will for sure haunt your dreams but not quite RUIN YOUR LIFE. Okay? Okay. Here we go. Deeeeeeeeeeeeeep breath.

Image via Flickr/giarose


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