Mom Banned From Breastfeeding in Casino Lobby for Craziest Reason We've Heard Yet

No matter how much attention the right to breastfeed gets and how many laws are passed saying women can breastfeed anywhere, it seems we're always reading about some new mom getting in "trouble" for breastfeeding in public (even a pediatrician's office!). The latest comes from, of all places, a casino. Not exactly a prim and proper place, yet Alanna Panas of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, was stunned when casino security told her to leave as she breastfed her newborn daughter in an empty casino lobby.


Panas and her family were staying at their beach house in Ocean City, Maryland, when they decided to hit the Ocean Downs Casino for a couple hours of playing. Panas' 7-week-old daughter was at home with Panas' mom, but when the bottle she'd been left ran out and the baby was still crying, Panas' mother drove the baby over to get some boob time.

Panas fed her baby in the empty lobby while waiting for her boyfriend to bring her her car keys so she could go nurse in her car.

That's when security approached and told her to leave the building. Their reasoning? Baby Lilly was a "security threat."

While children are not allowed on the casino floor, Panas saw no issue with quickly feeding her baby in the lobby. Panas told

It's not like I love ousting businesses and getting boob mobs all over their social media accounts, but I feel like if people don't unite to educate one another, incidents similar to Alanna's will continue to happen.

We've heard some crazy reasons for not allowing moms to breastfeed, but security threat? Really? What was going to happen, perhaps Panas' boob would spew milk on some unsuspecting gambler?

Panas said the casino called and apologized but their apology just made her feel worse. "They just basically said it was Lilly and my fault," she told the news outlet. Maryland law states that a woman can breastfeed anywhere she and her child are allowed to be.

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Ironically, none other than the Pope just told women to feel free to breastfeed during a mass baptism in the Sistine Chapel. Reportedly, he told the crowd of 33 new moms:

You mothers give your children milk and even now, if they cry because they are hungry, breastfeed them, don't worry.

Yeah, the Pope gets it, but a casino doesn't. Hey, casinos, if children don't grow up healthy on breast milk, who will you get to waste money in your establishments?

Should women be able to breastfeed anywhere?


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