Dad Lets 14-Month-Old Play With Giant Python & Films It

Some people on the Internet are severely pissed that a dad let his 14-month-old daughter roll around on the floor with a 13-foot Burmese python. Not only that -- he filmed the whole thing and then bragged about "safe" she was with the snake.


Michigan dad Jamie Guarino is determined to "change opinions on what he sees is an irrational fear of snakes." The self-described "snake charmer" has been handling the wild beasties for 16 years, and he and his 10-year-old daughter Krista even have a YouTube channel called Snakehunters TV.

In the video, his younger daughter Alyssa, who was just 14 months old at the time, is actively interacting with the python, whom Guarino says is a loving family pet named Nay-Nay.

He insists that his baby wasn't in any danger, but honestly, the whole thing is uncomfortable to watch. For me at least. Because snakes. Give death hugs. And fangs. Hey, if Indiana Jones can be afraid of snakes, it's OK.

But he makes a really, really good point that snakes are just like any other domesticated animal. How many times do you hear about dogs attacking children? Yet no one bats an eyelash at the family dog. Why should snakes be any different?

He claims that "raising children around exotics" is beneficial for opening their minds to something different. At the very least, it's creating some awesome father-daughter bonding, as Krista and Alyssa (now 3) follow in their dad's reptile-loving footsteps.

Would you let your baby play with a giant snake?


Image via Barcroft TV/YouTube

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