Angry Little Boy Ransacks Store & No One Stops Him (VIDEO)

tantrumEver seen an out of control kid? We are not talking about a simple screaming, yelling, or stomping episode. We mean a child that swoops in like a hurricane and destroys everything in its path. No? Well, today is the day. Take a look at the inexplicably enraged boy who tears apart a Dollar Store.


As noted by the shocked (and hilarious) customer filming the entire crazy scene on his cellphone, the little "jit" (a young muthaf**ka that don't know sh*t, according to appears to be alone. "Jit is mad. Jit don't got no family ... jit is crazy." Indeed he is, Sir. Indeed he is.

There are many lines I will treasure from this video, but among my favorite: "Jit is going HAM in this b*tch." That apparently means the little hellion is "hard as a motherf**ker," again according to I honestly can't disagree with one thing this narrator is saying.

Clearly the kid has some anger issues. For that reason, this video is just as worrisome as it is shocking. Where are his parents? What set him off? Why was he destroying other people's property the outlet? It's unclear what happened to him afterward. I assume someone called the police and perhaps they found his guardians. I just hope that wasn't the end of the matter. The bottom line, this so-called "jit" wasn't born, he was made. More so than just punishment, this little guy needs guidance and support.

Have you ever seen a kid do something like this?


Image © Radius Images/Corbis

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