Parents Concoct Cruel But Brilliant Punishment for Their Naughty Kid

santa's naughty listAmong the idle threats parents commonly throw at kids: if you aren't good, Santa will put you on the naughty list and bring you NOTHING for Christmas. Yet even the worst child tends to get a nice haul. However, one kid was so bad, his parents made him watch as they returned the toys Santa had sent his way.


Apparently, his behavior was so bratty and intolerable, he didn't deserve the Wii U console and video games left under the tree for him. Check out the hilarious reason for return given on the receipt, which was posted on Reddit under the heading "Parenting done right."

Talk about a harsh lesson ... but I bet an effective one. This kid probably begged for the gaming system all year and no doubt was psyched when he opened the box. Still, that clearly wasn't enough to get him to act like his mom and dad wanted him to. Surely some people will think that the parents went too far, but I am sure they finally got their point across -- you act like an ungrateful, little jerk, you will be penalized.

Do you think these parents went too far?


Images © Beau Lark/Corbis & via Reddit

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