Mom Breastfeeding at Restaurant Is Shocked by Stranger's Reaction

breastfeedingThese days, most stories about breastfeeding involve  moms newborns being scolded or kicked out of some place for feeding her child in public. Women constantly complain about being shuttled into dirty restrooms or cramped dressing rooms to nurse. So this next story comes as a complete and pleasant surprise. Instead of being shamed while at a restaurant, a breastfeeding mom received a note of encouragement from a complete stranger. Not only that, the stranger paid for her family's entire bill.


While out to dinner, a woman named Emily shared that she received this note from another patron. 

I noticed you breastfeeding in public & I think that’s awesome and admirable. Pay it forward. Happy Holidays.

Heartwarming, isn't it. This is a time when so many women feel villainized for breastfeeding in public. This simple, yet incredibly generous, show of support did so much for this mom. Here is what Emily had to say about the amazing gift:

This note that was left in my check when I went out to dinner last night near my home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The waitress brought over the check and our meal was already paid for by a kind customer who had noticed me nursing my 6 month old son at the restaurant. When I thanked her later, she said that she works in a restaurant and never sees people openly nursing and thought it was great. I sometimes worry about having to defend my right to nurse when feeding my baby in public, since you typically hear about women being harassed or asked to leave/cover themselves.  I definitely never expected this response! This was so heartwarming and I look forward to doing something to support another mom.

Can you imagine if Emily pays it forward and the chain continues on and on. This will go a long way in helping mothers feel that they have a right to nurse their child whenever they may need to.

Do you think moms should feel free to breastfeed where ever they want to?


Image via © Andria Patino/Corbis

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