Mom of 3 Caught Having Sex With High School Soccer Player at Park

iris gibneyIn the latest episode of Real Life Desperate Housewives ... a 42-year-old suburban mom of three is accused of having sex with a 17-year-old high school soccer player. Iris Gibney would have gotten away with the illicit affair had it now been for one thing.


That thing, or course, would be the fact that she couldn't wait until they were behind closed doors to get it on with the boy. Upper Pottsgrove, Pennsylvania police reportedly found them both naked in a car at Hollenbach Park. They grew suspicious because the vehicle was parked illegally after the park had closed at 10:30pm. The officers say they witnessed Gibney performing a sex act on the kid.

When caught, the teen didn't try to lie about the illegal tryst. In fact, he went into detail about how they first met. Apparently, things sparked after seeing each other at a high school football game earlier in the year. Unbelievably, Gibney had been volunteering as "cheer mom" because her daughter was on the cheerleading team. The investigation also uncovered tweets and chat room conversations between the two. She even sent him semi-nude photos from her cellphone.

Can you imagine how horrified her children and husband are right now? It's completely mortifying. Not only has she humiliated her entire family, her actions could land her behind bars. For her part, Gibney, who works as an associate at Victoria's Secret, is quite contrite. "I’ve never been in trouble before," she told the officer.  "I can’t believe I did this. I have three children of my own — I am so, so sorry."

Gibney has since turned herself in and will be arraigned on charges of corrupting a minor, dissemination of explicit materials, and trespass by auto. She posted $50,000 bail and is out for the holidays. However, it sounds like Christmas in that house will be anything but merry. Speaking to the news, her husband admitted he was upset and hurt. Who could blame him?

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