Panicked Mom Watches as Bus Driver Takes Off With 6-Year-Old Stuck in Doors

school busBeing a school bus driver is not an easy job. Can you imagine driving a huge vehicle with 30-plus chattering, screaming, laughing, and fighting kids in the back? So when I hear stories about them losing their temper or yelling at kids, I am apt to cut them a little slack. However, some things are unforgivable no matter how hectic the ride gets. Lincoln, New York bus driver Douglas Kimball was so distracted by another student, he drove off with a six-year-old wedged in the door.


Apparently, the child's backpack got stuck as Kimball closed the doors. However, he just didn't notice and drove about 100 feet before realizing he was dragging the kid. 

The mother witnessed the entire incident from her front porch and chased after the bus, trying to get to her son. He was taken to the hospital for an evaluation and fortunately walked away from the ordeal with just a scrape and a bruise. A back-up driver was called to the scene and finished the route, dropping off the remaining children.

There was an on board camera so police were able to see exactly how this mishap occurred. According to reports, it revealed he did not act in a criminally negligent way and won't face any charges, but he has since resigned anyway.

Shockingly, this is the second such incident in as many days. A 5-year-old was also stuck between the bus doors while the driver kept going for nearly a mile. That child was  unharmed and in this case, the driver also resigned. And understandably so. Some mistakes are understandable, but this could have easily resulted in a death. What if the child tumbled under the bus or was side-swiped by another vehicle? It should be second nature of all bus drivers to wait to close the doors until the children are several feet away. That's really not too much to ask.

Do you think these drivers should be given a second chance?


Image via © 2/Yellow Dog Productions/Ocean/Corbis

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