How Father & 2 Young Sons Survived Being Lost in Forest for 10 Days

dense forestBeing lost in the woods without food and water would be bad enough. Now imagine you are lost in the woods without food and water but with your two little kids. That is the nightmare Steven Van Lonkhuyzen found himself in. The dad and his two young sons had been missing for 10 days and were miraculous found alive. How they managed to survive is nothing short of amazing.


Lonkhuyzen and boys Timothy, 5, and Ethan, 7, were on a road trip in the Australian wilderness when they took a wrong turn. The last time anyone had spotted them was December 11 when they stopped for gas before heading into 186 mile densely wooded Expedition National Park.

Not surprisingly, there was little cell phone reception in the park and they couldn't call for help. At one point, Lonkhuyzen tried to give out an SOS signal with his horn but with the bad weather, there were not very many park visitors. He also started small fires and laid out their belongings in hope of alerting anyone they may have flown over. He tried to keep his boys busy and entertained and thanks to a couple of storms, they were able to collect rain water to drink. Initially, they had some snacks and food, but those provisions ran out after three days. "We were on water for the last seven days," said Lonkhuyzen.

When they never arrived at their destination, the boys' mom called the police, who were aided by farmers and locals who searched several hundred thousands square miles. "They were pretty hungry by the time I got to them," said Tom Wagner, the local cattle farmer Tom Wagner who found them Sunday in the remote section of the park. "And pretty happy to see me."  No doubt they were. After 10 days in the woods, it would have been easy to give up hope of ever being found. After being discovered, Timothy kept asking Wagner if he had any eggs, and Ethan was dehydrated. Fortunately, everyone is recovering nicely.

How would you survive an ordeal like this?

Image via © Jochen Schlenker/Masterfile/Corbis

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