7 Girls Get Pregnant While on School Field Trip

How many days does it take for seven girls to get pregnant on a school field trip? Five! Bwahaha! Oh wait, that's not a bad joke. It's something that actually happened. Apparently seven school girls, ages 13 and 14, got pregnant while on a class trip to Sarajevo. The girls, from the city of Banja Luka in Bosnia and Herzegovina, were part of a class trip of 28 girls.


The girls were in the capital city for five days to visit museums and historic sites -- and apparently to do some other things as well, though I doubt that was part of the school plan.

Parents are of course demanding to know where the teacher supervision was during the trip -- but the National Coordinator for Reproductive Health of the Republika is blaming the parents, saying they are not teaching their children the consequences of sex and calling it "parental neglect."

Seven girls falling pregnant all in one fell swoop seems to have set some kind of unofficial record in the country -- and possibly anywhere.

I have to side with the parents here -- what exactly were these girls doing on this trip?! Besides the obvious, that is. Where were they?! Five days is an extremely short amount of time to manage to meet up with various men, sneak off somewhere, and get pregnant.

Seven girls getting pregnant out of 28 is 25 percent of the girls on the trip -- considering that it's unlikely that 100 percent of the girls who had sex on the trip got pregnant, that means probably almost all of them were off doing something other than looking at art and statues. And doing it all day and night from the sound of it.

Maybe all of them can be cast in some kind of Teen Mom: Bosnia reality show.

But, erm, seriously, this is really messed up. The school needs to do a much better job of watching kids on field trips -- and some sex education, not to mention maybe free (and required) birth control, wouldn't hurt either.

Who's at fault here?

Image via Kelly Hunter/Flickr

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