Dad & 15-Year-Old Daughter Charged in Car Crash That Killed 3 of Her Friends

handcuffedNot long ago, an underage and unlicensed girl was behind the wheel when an accident killed three of her friends. Her culpability was clear -- at 15 years old, she had no business driving. Though now it seems she isn't the only one responsible for their deaths. Both the teen and her father are being charged in the deadly car crash.


When the accident first occurred, her father, Michael Ware, told investigators that his daughter had taken the family's SUV without permission. He lied. There were five other people in the car when it flipped over on a Pennsylvania road and killed high school students Cullen Keffer, Ryan Lesher, and Shamus Digney of Bucks County.

Ware will now be charged with involuntary manslaughter, endangering the welfare of children, reckless endangerment, making false reports, and allowing an unauthorized person to drive his vehicle. The charges against his daughter, a juvenile, were sealed.

It's certainly an issue that has many parents conflicted. Yes, the father was wrong for allowing his underage daughter to operate a vehicle and drive around other people. Clearly she was too inexperienced for that. However, it's tragic to think that lapse in judgment could result in him spending the rest of his life behind bars. Surely, he is horrified by the accident and the loss of life caused by his own child. It's a subject that is being hotly debated these days, especially in cases of bullying that lead to the victim's suicide and gun violence. It's a tough issue with no easy solution.

Do you think this dad deserves prison time?


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