Parents Get Nasty Surprise When They Go to Watch Kids' Theater Program

Edinburgh PlayhouseSome parents in Scotland are reeling after a theater company made a "horrifying" mistake when they sent out DVDs to families who participated in performances last summer. The Edinburgh Playhouse Theatre accidentally sent pornography instead of the intended children's production!


Can you imagine popping in a DVD and expecting to see your darling child, and being confronted with what was deemed "highly inappropriate" material? It's almost funny when you're not one of the people involved, but that's got to be horrifying -- especially if the kids were right there too.

About 100 of the discs were sent out (and subsequently recalled) before a staff member watched one and discovered the mistake. Whoops. The mistake was reportedly caused by the "third-party production company" who created the DVDs. They've asked the company, Edithouse, to launch an investigation to get to the bottom of how this happened. The incident was also reported to the police.

It's not known what exactly the footage was, other than that it was pornographic. One dad of a 10-year-old daughter called it "absolutely disgusting filth."

The Playhouse is the largest in Scotland, and runs summer school programs for youths ages 10 and up. That's what was supposed to be on the DVDs. Children. Not porn. 

One source said, "The Playhouse does a summer programme for kids and sent out a DVD of it to families, which had to be immediately recalled because it had pornography on it. The DVD had some really bad stuff and staff at the theatre were told not to speak to the press about it."

No doubt many parents and kids were excited to see the performances in their very own living room -- what a nasty shock they got! The theater even posted a message on its Facebook page last Friday stating, "good news" that "the MEGAMIX DVDs have arrived in time for Christmas." It also said, "They will be in the post by the end of the day and with everybody by the middle of next week."

An official statement went out from the theater, which read, "The Edinburgh Playhouse apologizes unequivocally for any distress caused to the families affected by this totally unacceptable and unseemly mistake."

Similarly, Edithouse also apologized for the mistake."Edithouse takes full responsibility for the mistakes made in the duplication process of DVDs for the Edinburgh Playhouse, which resulted in highly inappropriate and inaccurate material being sent out to a small number of Edinburgh Playhouse customers," They said via a statement. "We would like to apologize sincerely to the Edinburgh Playhouse for the inconvenience and most importantly to the children and parents affected by this terrible error. We are sorry for any distress caused."

Would you be horrified if this happened to you?


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