Woman 'Mooed' at By Coworkers for Pumping Breast Milk at Work

woman at workThough women have been doing it for centuries, there are still some surprisingly barbaric attitudes toward breastfeeding. Case in point: an Oregon woman claims that she was "mooed" at by colleagues when she pumped breast milk at the office.


In court papers, Monica Van De Pitte says that her coworkers at Velocitel, Inc., a company that builds cellphone towers, not only taunted her, they also taped a picture of a cow mooing to the supply room where all the nursing moms had to pump. The entire scenario is outrageous.

Clearly Van De Pitte felt the same way. In the suit, she also detailed that when she was hired in 2012, she told her supervisors she needed flexibility to care for her young children and nurse her 1-year-old son. She also asked for a private space to pump. It wasn't until she started that she learned that this "private space" was a closet.

Not only that, there were other problems in her workplace. Many of the workers openly bragged about their sex lives. One guy was even nicknamed "The Walking HR Violation" and would often pretend to honk the mothers' breasts. She complained but was told she needed to "privately reflect on why sexual conversations made her uncomfortable." It's as though these company execs think they are in the Mad Men era of business. How can they think that any of this behavior is remotely appropriate?

Not surprisingly, Van De Pitte filed a sexual harassment lawsuit and quit in January 2013. Clearly her claims were valid as the company recently settled the case for an undisclosed amount.

Have you ever been mistreated or harassed while breastfeeding?


Image © Sean Justice/Corbis

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