Woman Stunned When She Wakes Up & Finds Strange Baby Next to Her in Bed

A woman in Battle Creek, Michigan, woke up with the oddest thing in her bed -- and it wasn't a sleeping bear, but close. She found a 1-year-old child curled up in bed with her. While that might not be so alarming if she'd actually had a baby or lived with anyone who did, it was quite alarming since that wasn't the case. Baffled as to who the baby was or where it came from, the woman called the police.


Eventually it turned out that the woman's 18-year-old son had dropped the baby off at the home before going out for the evening. Which makes slightly more sense until you hear that the son didn't have a baby either!

Police investigating the bizarre incident said the baby became an instant hit at the station, and they gave the child toys and plenty of attention while they tried to figure out exactly where the baby came from.

Reportedly, police were able to track down the baby's mom, but details as to how the baby got in the other mom's bed are still sketchy. Sounds like possibly the son and woman brought the baby to the house to sleep while they decided to go out and the baby woke up at some point and crawled into the older woman's bed. If the son just went ahead and placed the baby with his sleeping mother, that's kind of weird.

But then again, the whole story is kind of weird.

At least the baby is okay. Now someone needs to talk to the young mom and figure out what the heck she's doing. As for the 18-year-old son, mom needs to put her foot down with him, too. No more strange babies at the house!


Image via eperales/Flickr

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