Casey Anthony Wants Another Baby to 'Redeem' Herself

Casey AnthonyWhether it's Jennifer Aniston or any of the Duggar women, people LOVE to hear a pregnancy announcement -- whether or not it is true. But there is one woman absolutely no one is looking forward to getting pregnant -- and that would be Casey Anthony. Seriously, can you think of any female on the planet we want to hear is pregnant any LESS than her? (Kris Jenner running a close second? Ha. I keed!) Hey, calm down, everyone. Anthony is NOT pregnant -- at least that anyone is aware of. But a new report says she is planning to get pregnant very soon. And you seriously won't believe who she wants to be her baby daddy.


Sooooo who would Anthony want to be the sperminator for baby #2? Well, let's just say that Anthony, who is reportedly working as a house cleaner in Florida and keeping a very low profile for obvious reasons, can't exactly go and put a profile on (Though I don't know why not. Surely, she would find some receptive males.)

But no, Anthony wants to find a guy who a) is already okay with her history, and b) makes good money.

The National Enquirer reports that Anthony, who outraged the nation by being acquitted of her 3-year-old daughter Caylee's death, has got baby fever. A close friend told the tab:

She’s been in touch with several men who wrote to her in jail. She’s picking the wealthiest one and plans on making him the father of her baby. She wants to get pregnant and be waited on hand and foot! In her twisted mind and heart, Casey really believes having another baby will redeem her.

Yes, I'm shuddering too. Just the idea of this woman having another child is grotesque to most of us.

However, the reality is that legally she is a free woman and has every right to have another child. You just hope that the massive attention this will spurn means that she will be on her best behavior with this kid FOREVER.

As for picking a wealthy guy, hey, house cleaning doesn't exactly pay for college. Can't blame her there.

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And picking a dude who has already written to her in prison and is fine with her being a psycho suspect in her daughter's murder, well, she'd pretty much have to go with someone like that, wouldn't she?

And if she does have a kid, we all just need to accept that. No sense punishing the child by making the mom's life miserable. Of course, Anthony pregnancy rumors were abounding last year too (also courtesy of The Enquirer!), and so far as we know, she never had a baby. But she's 28. It's going to happen soon, folks, so prepare yourselves.

But I think she knows the world is watching.

Do you think she has the right to have another baby?

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