Battle Over Girls Switched at Birth Takes Devastating Turn for One of the Moms

babies in hospital nurseryNewborns switched at birth. For most of us, it sounds more like the plot of a Lifetime movie than real life. However, that was the scary truth two sets of parents were confronted with last year. While each are no doubt happy to know the truth, the resolution to this situation has caused one of the mothers tremendous heartache.


The swap mistakenly occurred in 2010 after two South African women gave birth to little girls at a Johannesburg hospital. The error was discovered last year when one of the women sued her now ex for child support. A DNA test revealed that neither was the child's parent.

Now one of the women wants her biological baby back, but the other refuses to make the switch. This is a devastating story at every turn. Imagine if you raised a child, loved and nurtured her. Then a phone call one day informs you she isn't really your biological child. That certainly wouldn't diminish the love you have for her, but then your thoughts would inevitably turn to the child of yours you never met. What is she like? Is she happy? Is she healthy? Has she been treated well?

And the thought of swapping back these now 4-year-old girls is just heartbreaking. They couldn't possibly understand being ripped away from the only parents they've known. However, one of the moms is insistent. As a result, there will be a trial to ultimately determine custody. But in the meantime, a court appointed expert has delivered a temporary ruling that has left one the families utterly shattered. For the court's heart-wrenching decision, go  to for more details.


Image © Sonya N. Herbert/Dallas Morning News/Corbis

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