'Dead Raisers' Claim to Be Able to Resurrect Corpses & Have ‘Footage’ to Prove It (VIDEO)

Dead Raiser

Dead Raiser, according to Deadraiser.com (“the Ultimate Resurrection Resource”!), is a film that “explores modern day resurrection stories and offers an exciting view into the authentic Kingdom culture of miracles.” Dead Raisers are evangelical Christians who have the power to — yes, you guessed correctly — raise the dead through faith healing. This group travels around sharing their amazing gift with others … or fooling those who are willing to believe their claims, depending on your perspective.



Chuck, the — oh dear, let me make sure I get this right — Chuck the Cannabalistic Humanoid Underground Killer (real name: Mark DeDio) — says he used to be a troubled drug user. Back in December 2006, his girlfriend threatened to leave with their children. DeDio decided to take a large amount of an unnamed narcotic, at which point he fell into some sort of spiritual abyss:

There was screeching, torment, screams. The smell was just like vomit, sulphur … The thing that really got me was the grinding and the crunching sound.

Mmm-hmm. Well, after Chuck/DeDio OD’d, he came into contact with TJ Aderholdt, a man who said he had been instructed by God to dress up like Jesus and distribute holy fliers. TJ had been “praying for an opportunity to see somebody raised from the dead,” so when he saw DeDio being helped by a paramedic, he approached the ambulance. Suddenly, TJ began speaking in tongues.

The man’s eyes pop open and he stands up and he starts telling everybody how he’s going to hell and he saw all these demons and they were torturing him. Out of nowhere he just heard this loud booming voice and … something snatched him back.

According to DeDio,

It was like a grab on my collar. Jesus pulled me out.

Thus launched TJ’s foray into raising the dead. TJ now travels around the U.S. spreading the word about his skills and raising money for his documentary film. He says he’s personally responsible for 13 corpses coming back to life.

Take a look at the documentary trailer:


Well, I don’t like to ridicule others’ beliefs, but I have to say it: bullshit. Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. This TJ is either delusional or a criminal preying on the heartbreak of others. As if everything ABOUT the story wasn’t shady enough, DeDio — the man supposedly originally raised from his drug-induced death, whose story is portrayed as fact in the movie — told The Telegraph what really happened:

When I came to I was very grateful. But I couldn’t tell anyone what happened. It was just too weird.

Wait, so he hadn’t really been to hell and all that?

No, no, no! A lot of people get confused about that scene.

The interviewer says he was surprised, and that the movie really made it seem as though he’d been brought back. DeDio explained there’s a small print disclaimer in the film about the different accounts for his story.

After that segment there’s a little block of words. Go back and watch it.

Too bad Deadraisers didn’t really show a dead person being resurrected, right? DeDio agrees:

That would’ve been a golden ticket, man. Everyone in the world would’ve seen the movie if that happened. But it didn’t.

Yeah. Like I said, bullshit. And it’s not just lame bullshit, it’s sad bullshit. These people should be ashamed.

What do you think about this movie and their claims?

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