Teacher in Trouble for Killing a Bunny Rabbit in Front of His Class

Well this is sort of disturbing. An Idaho teacher is in hot water after killing a rabbit in his tenth grade science class, as part of a demonstration about where food comes from. Some of the students were left feeling (understandably) queasy, and parents are in an uproar that this happened.


Nampa School District spokeswoman Allison Westfall said, "A teacher brought in a rabbit, and did a demonstration about how a rabbit would be prepared as food for a family."

She described the scene in which the unnamed teacher "placed the live rabbit in a restraining device, then snapped its neck in front of the class." She also said the rabbit was then skinned and cut up, but no word on whether or not they then made rabbit stew.

It sounds totally outrageous, but have to side with the teacher on this one. According to Westfall, the biology teacher has a farm and raises animals to be eaten. He only reluctantly agreed to do the demonstration for the kids, having already turned down their request at least once before.

It was not mandatory viewing for the 16 students in the class.

"The students had asked that the teacher do this demonstration, and when the rabbit was brought in, he gave the opportunity to students to not view the demonstration," Westfall said.

Of course it's one thing to say you want to watch the process of turning a live animal into dinner, and another thing entirely to actually witness it. Some of the students who opted to stay ended up regretting it, because of course. Instead of chalking it up to a learning experience of being careful what you wish for, the educator is now facing disciplinary action.

"It's not appropriate in the 10th grade class," Westfall said."It wasn't approved by the administration, it's not part of biology [class,] so that judgment is not appropriate for that type of lesson in the classroom at 10th grade." 

I'd agree if this were an elementary school, but these are high school sophomores we're talking about. I think 14- and 15-year-olds are mature enough to decide if they want to see how dinner gets on their plate.

Do you think the teacher should get in trouble for this incident?


Image via Tomi Tapio K/Flickr

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