Man Busts Best Friend's Wife Cheating & Does the Unexpected (VIDEO)

There's really nothing worse than being caught cheating on your husband. Unless it's being caught cheating on your husband by your husband's best friend. And unless it's being caught cheating on your husband by your husband's best friend with a video camera -- who then uploads the whole thing on YouTube. Yep, that's the world we live in now, folks. Poor Nina probably thought no one would see her little tryst with a man who is not her hubby. The fact that her hubster's best friend saw it too sucks badly. That millions more people have seen it online? Priceless.


The short clip shows a man surprising a woman and a man who are in some kind of romantic clinch. "How you guys doin'?" the man asks. "Nina, what's going on here? Tell me what's going on. Who's this guy?"

Nina appears resigned to her fate and says he knows exactly what's going on. The guy decides to take a few digs at her, saying: "That’s not your husband, right? You don't look like her husband to me."

The guy caught with Nina then takes his cellphone flashlight and shines it at the camera so that his face can't be seen. Smart. Nina, however, is not so smart.

The cameraman eventually introduces himself as Nina's husband's best man at their wedding. Ouch. He then tells the pair to "have a good night" before shutting off the camera.

Well, you have to commend the guy for not screaming obscenities or beating the pulp out of them. He probably figured he had everything he needed.

But now he faces a conundrum -- because if Nina talks her way out of this mess and she and her husband stay together, well, you can be sure neither one of them will want the cameraman around anymore. Kill the messenger, you know.

And let's hope he got permission from the husband before uploading this video to the interwebs. Check it out:

I'm personally a fan of keeping other people's private lives private -- who knows what is going on with Nina and her husband. Perhaps he's cheated on her numerous times and she's just getting back at him. But now her face is plastered all over the Internet and will be for eternity. Luckily, the video quality isn't that good.

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Sigh. Remember the days when cheating was so much less complicated?

Should the man have taken this video?

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