Ghost Hunter Mysteriously Stabs Himself While Investigating Haunted House (VIDEO)

It would take quite a bit of courage or curiosity or both to want to stay overnight in a house that was the scene of a mass murder. But perhaps it all proved a little too much for one "ghost hunter" who reportedly stabbed himself in the chest during his overnight stay at the Villisca Ax Murder House, where six children and two adults met their violent deaths at the hand of an ax murderer in 1912.


Robert Steven Laursen, 37, was staying overnight at the house, which has become a creepy tourist attraction, in order to conduct some sort of paranormal investigation. But around 1 a.m., police say that Laursen suddenly stabbed himself in the chest.

He was rushed to the hospital and his condition is not known, though he is still alive.

The owner of the home is shocked and says nothing like this has ever happened in the 20 years since the home opened to the public.

Despite the fact that the house has no running water or electricity, paranormal fans spend $428 for a group of up to six people to spend the night there. The owner of the house clearly knows a good investment.

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Police would not ascribe a motive to Laursen, but it could be just about anything. Maybe he's been suicidal for awhile and wanted to do it in the house. Maybe he wanted a good story. Or maybe he was ... well, if you believe in spirits, you've got to believe that a home where eight people were slaughtered probably has some restless dead souls milling about. Maybe one of them got ahold of Laursen.

People who have visited the house have claimed to experience paranormal activity, including cold spots in the house and spirit voices, such as children "mumbling" and a voice saying "kill them."

Whatever it is that happened to Laursen, let's hope he recovers.

What do you think happened? Do you believe in ghosts?

Image via Villisca Axe Murder House

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