Man Breaks Into Couple's Home & Does Most Bizarre Thing to Their Toddlers

A man arrested for breaking into several homes in Pacific Grove, California, had a most unusual experience in one of them. The man, 29-year-old Jason Rutt, was caught in one of the homes taking a shower. Now, we've heard of burglars taking showers in homes before -- but this time it was even more unusual. First of all, the homeowners were home, but sleeping. It was the sound of the shower that woke them up. But what sets this thief apart from the rest is what he did right before he decided to take a shower -- he went into a bedroom where two toddlers lay sleeping and ... fed them bananas.


Cops say that Rutt entered a residence through an unlocked door and helped himself not only to a shower and some food in the fridge -- but then he decided to play daddy and walked into the toddlers' bedroom, woke them up, and hand fed them bananas.

Thank goodness he didn't do anything worse, but the parents are understandably "freaked out," say cops. Erm, yeah.

Reportedly, the man has a history of mental illness, and doing this kind of thing definitely sounds like that. I mean, most burglars want to get in and out quickly with their goods -- not stop off and shower and then feed the little ones.

After the parents heard the shower running and called 911, Rutt took off into the neighborhood and reportedly broke into a few more homes before police found him wandering in the woods 13 hours later.

I feel sorry for this guy and his family, it really sounds like he needs some serious help. But he also has a long history of breaking into people's homes and stealing jewelry -- so he's not that out of touch with reality. He knows what to take! He also reportedly has a history of drug usage.

You have to wonder what these poor kids were thinking, and if they're going to have nightmares for years to come about the strange man who came into their bedroom and fed them bananas. Hopefully, they're not traumatized. Maybe they even found it kind of amusing. Let's hope.

This story is, well, kinda bananas!

Image via Pacific Grove Police

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