Woman's Beautiful Free Apartment Turns Into Creepy Nightmare

If you're a young woman who manages to snag a nice New York City apartment for FREE, you couldn't be blamed for thinking, Woo hoo! The apartment gods LOVE me! I must have done something really AWESOME in a former life! On the other hand, you might just think it's WAY too good to be true. Unfortunately I have to report that in this case, it was the latter.

Aksana Kuzmitskaya found out the hard way that her landlords weren't offering her a beautiful townhouse apartment in a lovely section of town just because they were good guys. Nope. Reportedly, they had something else up their sleeve. And that something else allegedly involved spy cameras hidden all over the apartment so they could watch the Belarus native whenever they wanted to.


Aksana thought she was getting the deal of the century when she snagged the brownstone apartment for free in exchange for maid services. After all, an apartment like that would normally go for quite a pretty penny.

But I'm guessing it wasn't just the penny that was pretty, but Aksana too, because the landlords were allegedly looking for a prime target to move into the apartment so they'd have their own little peep show going on. Aksana claims they were able to watch her being nude, showering, having sex, and going to the bathroom -- all while the cameras sent a live feed of her activities to her skeevy landlords.

Reportedly, at least 70 videos of Aksana were uncovered, many of them zeroing in on her private parts.

The pervy plot was reportedly uncovered when the young woman picked up a clock and noticed one of the spy cameras inside. She was even able to plug the clock into her computer and see video of herself.

Ugh, this must feel so incredibly violating! Aksana is suing the alleged pervs, and if they really did this, she deserves whatever she can get out of them. One of the landlords has already been indicted for unlawful surveillance.

While many people feel compelled to point out that Aksana was naive in thinking that a free Manhattan apartment could mean anything but trouble, I think that's a blame the victim attitude. She was cleaning the townhouse in exchange for the apartment -- additionally, who could even think up something so gross? It's not her fault for trusting her fellow human beings.

The landlords should have just posted a notice asking for a woman to do this willingly -- with Manhattan rents being what they are, they probably would have found someone. But I guess that wouldn't have been as fun as doing it secretly. If they really did this, they are truly scumbags.

Have you ever been offered anything to good to be true?


Image via Mike Mozart/Flickr

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