Mom Hospitalized After Python Crawls Out of Her Toilet & Attacks Her

toiletUmmmmmm soooooooo yeeeeeeeeah. If this is the way you're gonna go, what a horrifying way to go. Sometimes even horror movie makers aren't messed up enough to think of crazy scenarios like this -- leave it to real life to sear this terrifying mental image into our brains for all of eternity. Continue if you dare. Apparently a poor, poor woman named Rampeung Onlamai, 57, finished up her shower at her home, located north of Bangkok. No big deal, right?

But then all of a sudden, a freakin' python, yes, a PYTHON came out of her toilet, attacked her, and THEN tried to drag her down the freakin' drain!!

Oh my. LORD. Now would be the appropriate time to take a cool shower in order to calm down, but NOPE. Apparently you can't even do that without stirring up the thought of a python attacking you and dragging you into your own toilet afterward.


Rampeung said that the python was able to get its fangs into her right hand, and then it began pulling her down into the toilet. She was able to fend him off with a broom and then screamed for her daughter for help. This extremely brave daughter, instead of running away in terror and tears like I most likely would have done, was able to pry the python's head off of her mother.

To their relief or perhaps horror, the python then slithered its way back into the toilet.

This poor mother needed 20 stitches to heal her hand wound, and a district officer in Samkok promised to dispatch some guys to get that snake out of Rampeung's toilet. Though most likely every time they walk into that bathroom, those memories of dying-by-toilet-thanks-to-a-freakin'-python will boil up and never let them go. Might be time to move to a different house if at all possible.

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We have no idea what this article says, but there are some photos accompanying it of the horrifying scene. It's not exactly clear how a grown woman would have been able to squeeze into a toilet, but let's not try to dwell on that for too long, okay? A hand and an arm getting sucked in there by a python is insane enough already.

I mean, jeez, what more do we need to be frightened of out there? Monsters coming out of drains make up a lot of little kids' nightmares -- perhaps they were right to fear something we old farts deem to be so innocuous. Can't get much more disturbing than this.

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Luckily this poor woman and her daughter are on the mend, and hopefully officials will be able to get that python out of their toilet as quickly as possible if they haven't already.

Are you scared of snakes? Is this pretty much the worst way to go?


Image via mrwynd/Flickr

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