Guest Accidentally Shot During Wedding Celebration (VIDEO)

gunPeople do all sorts of strange things at weddings. I personally cringe at the Chicken Dance, but that is nothing compared to the antics at this wedding celebration that could have killed many people. Those attending a wedding in Egypt apparently have a custom of shooting guns into the air in celebration. The problem is that it was reported that the alcohol was flowing, perhaps there was too much revelry, and those holding the guns didn't exactly aim the bullets into the air safely. A guest was shot. The disturbing moment was caught on camera.


The bullets could have hit anyone -- there were children there. A male wedding guest ended up being the victim shot by one of the men attempting to shoot into the air. Did they really need to use real bullets? Did the bride and groom approve of this? This is so awful. Senseless. A happy wedding marred forever by tragedy. The extent of the man's injuries is unknown. And while I know it was an accident, this tradition should be re-considered.

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It is very upsetting to see the man drop to the ground after he was shot and everyone kept on dancing unaware that a friend, a family member was possibly fighting for his life. The men with guns seemed out of it -- perhaps very intoxicated. When they did realize someone was shot, the scene turned hectic and that's when the video ends. I hope the man who was shot recovers. And I really hope this tradition of using real bullets stops.

Have you ever heard of guns being shot into the air during a wedding celebration? What do you think of the tradition?


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