​Man's Shocking Drug Test Results Show He's Pregnant!

urine testsWe hear about the sneaky people who use other people's urine in order to pass a drug test all the time. It's kind of scary considering a lot of the people doing drugs are in charge of other people's lives -- like this bus driver. Apparently he was very nervous about what his urine would reveal, so he went to great lengths to try to make the results say he was drug-free. The end result? He was told he was pregnant!


He is not a she. As it turned out, the Egyptian bus driver had his wife pee in a cup for him to smuggle into his drug test. The scam was foiled when the urine test revealed the pregnancy that he had no idea about. Congrats, dad! And OH MY GOODNESS NOW WHAT?!

What a way to find out. I wonder if his wife knew and did this to shame him into not taking drugs anymore because he's going to be a father. A little passive aggressive get your act together note. Sneaky! He's sneaky as it is with this attempt. It's unclear if the man lost his job -- at the worst time ever. He did try to pull one over on his company. It's clear he's trying to hide something. Maybe they'll give him a few weeks to get his act together and re-test him. Maybe they'll have a little sympathy and give him a chance.

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I want to laugh at this story, but drug abuse isn't funny at all. Reporters have said that there is a spike in Tramadol use in Egypt because the painkiller is cheap and gives users an energy boost. Something bus drivers need -- they must be alert. But they don't need drugs. You know who else needs to be alert but not on drugs? Fathers. And there may be no other "job" in the world that denies you of sleep as much as being a parent. I hope this guy works out his issues because he's going to need to be drug-free and not jobless when baby comes along. Congrats, again, and good luck!

Have you ever heard of a urine test gone wrong like this?

Image via epSos.de/Flickr

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