Mom Uses Most Bizarre Excuse Ever to Get Out of Traffic Ticket

Jennifer R. CrosbyPeople use all kinds of crazy excuses to get out of traffic tickets. One of my friends told a cop she was speeding home because her period came early and she needed to change. Then there is the parent favorite, "Sorry officer. I'm late picking up my daughter from school. I just didn't want her standing there alone in tears." But one Florida mom wins for her over-the-top creativity.


Jennifer R. Crosby, 43, was driving on a suspended license when she was pulled over. To avoid being arrested, she gave her 22-year-old daughter's name, saying that she suffered from a rare aging disease when the cop was skeptical. 

The police report detailed, "She said she did not have license on her because she forget her purse ... The driver told me that her name was Christina R. Topp with a date of birth of Match 16, 1992. Immediately, I was suspicious because the driver appeared significantly older than that ... At this point the driver could tell I was suspicious and went on to tell me that she had a condition that makes her age faster."

Eventually Crosby admitted that she was lying and was arrested for driving on a suspended license and providing a false name. Sadly, it's not her first brush with the law. In June, she was arrested for possession of crack cocaine that she had wrapped in foil and stowed inside her lady parts. Crazy, I know. So, I suppose it's not a huge shocker that she would use such a bizarre, unbelievable excuse for getting out of a ticket. We just can't believe she thought it would work!

What's the craziest excuse you've heard for getting out of a ticket?


Image via Indian River County Sheriff

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