Soldiers In Big Trouble Over Sexy Bikini Shoot on Base

hot shots videoFour Utah National Guard soldiers are in big trouble after what they surely thought was some harmless fun. They are being disciplined for using military vehicles and tanks in a shoot with bikini-clad women firing weapons.


A Special Forces officer is being accused of inappropriately allowing parts of the video to be shot at Camp Williams last May. It's a move that got him relieved of his leadership post and he may be forced into early retirement.

The other three soldiers will have punishments ranging from counseling to a reprimand and they are responsible for the $200 cost of the fuel used during the shoot. The video in question was shot to promote the annual pin-up calendar Hot Shots, which showcases woman wearing camouflage bikinis while shooting high powered guns and driving big military vehicles.

While this may have been in poor taste, the military is clearly over-reacting. These were all soldiers who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Can't we cut them some slack? I imagine there are some others likely doing a lot worse. Perhaps the military should focus their resources on them. The careers of these men shouldn't be ruined or besmirched for a silly error in judgment.

Take a look at the video:

Do you think they deserved to be punished?


Image via You Tube

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