Groom Calls Off Wedding After Bride's Prank That Made Her Look Old (PHOTO)

bride groom wedding cake topperThere are some people who like to take their wedding photos before the wedding so they have time to enjoy the day and not worry about posing for an hour while guests wait to celebrate with them on the happy day. That's what this couple decided to do and so Qing Kao and Guo Chien planned to meet in the city to take their photos. But the soon-to-be married couple ended up getting into a huge fight because of the bride's prank -- she showed up with grey hair makeup to make it look like she had wrinkles on her face. The groom flipped out.


bride makeup to look old

While in his wedding best attire, the screamed and threw a fit at the fact that his bride would play a prank on him like that. I don't like pranks either, but this guy took his dislike for them to a level of awful. He not only freaked out toddler tantrum-style but he left her -- called the wedding off. Should I call him a turd? Because that's what I really want to call him.

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This took place in Shenzhen City in China with dozens of onlookers who then saw the bride in her dress and makeup that made her look 70 years old collapsing and crying on the sidewalk. While some are suggesting this may be a prank, I'm not so sure. If so, pissed off Groom sure fakes a tantrum well.

Perhaps he cannot handle that the woman he supposedly loves will one day grow old and get wrinkles and grey hair and not look like this vision of perfect he appears to expect from her forever. Maybe it's good the wedding isn't going to go on as planned -- who wants to marry someone that doesn't get your sense of humor? It wouldn't last. Or it would with two people so completely miserable with each other, which is absolutely worse.

The bride told reporters:

I thought he would laugh and see it as a joke, but he was furious and told me there was no way he would have photographs of me looking like that. He then got in a taxi and left.

Maybe this is something all brides- and grooms-to-be should do just to make sure. About a week before the wedding, get done up how you think you'll look in about 50 years, then see if you like each other enough to marry. Sounds ... fun?

What do you think? Is this groom as shallow as he seems?


Image via Catherine/Flickr; Yahoo

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