Beauty-Obsessed Mom Entered Her Fetus in a Pageant (No, REALLY)

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Is there a definitive age when a child is too young to be entered into a beauty contest? I have two boys, so I’ve never been tempted, but I’m thinking that if I did have girls and I was absolutely compelled to turn them into pint-sized pageant queens, I would probably wait until they emerged from my body.

I know, I know, I’m kind of a crazy conservative that way. What can I say, I was just raised to believe that until the fetus is born, there’s no need to get into the pageantry business. This is where I differ from 28-year-old Amanda Collins, who knew her baby was destined for the tiara the moment she saw the ultrasound.


British mom Amanda Collins says she entered her child in a beauty contest once she saw the results of her 20-week ultrasound scan:

As soon as I saw her image on the screen at my antenatal session I knew she was a stunner. I always knew that I was carrying a girl and a beautiful one at that.

Frankly, I’m impressed with Collins’ ability to spot beauty that early on. When I looked at the images for my boys, here’s what I saw:

• Skeletor
• The xenomorph from Alien
• Some ... blobby stuff?
• I guess an overall skull and body shape but honestly without the technician pointing things out I’d have been totally lost

Collins went on to give birth to little Luna, who was just 6 weeks old when she was awarded the runner-up slot in the UK Princess and Prince International Beauty Pageant. According to Mom, the organizers of the competition “loved that her entry was in even before she was born.”

Right? I just bet they did. I’m sure fetal pageants are the next big trend in the beauty competition business. Ladies, I hope you’ve got extra room in the uterus for the fetal runway — and don’t forget the tiny evening gowns! Insertion is a bit tricky but the results are FAB.

Luna has gone on to become a runner-up in the Miss Dreams UK contest, and her mom has big plans for her beautious future. As for anyone who criticizes her parenting choice,

Luna just beams at the judges and loves all the attention. All she has to do is lie in my arms and smile as I stroll down the catwalk. She’s enjoying every minute of it and so am I and that’s what really matters.

Yes. The baby is the one who loves it. Mmm-hmm. You keep telling yourself that, sweetie.

Did you see a super-cute kid in your baby's ultrasound image? (Or did you see the Loch Ness Monster?)


Image via robynlou8/Flickr

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